Gandhi (1982)

Gandhi (1982) Trailer

A moving and inspiring account of Gandhi and how he helped India gained her independence. Below are some of the things which I observed and would like to point out.

Note #1

At the scene where the men stood up one by one after Gandhi gave a speech on the new marital law prohibiting any non-Christian marriages.

The first few men probably stood up according to their will to show their displeasure with the current system with courage. In the scene, everyone in the hall stood up in the end. However, I was wondering, whether everyone stood up for the same reason, with the same sort of courage and resolution that it took for the first few who stood up. I don’t think so. I feel that it is tougher for those who take the first step, and the others who followed might have done so because they see that “they are not the only ones”. Or it might have been a result of conformity. Wouldn’t you feel the pressure to stand up in agreement especially if everyone from your own nationality is fighting for independence?

Note #2

I found something interesting yet disturbing at the scene at the church when Charlie was giving a sermon in Africa about the current political situation. People were leaving the church as Charlie talked about how Christians should reflect on themselves in light of the situation regarding what they should do when injustice is before their very eyes.  This somehow portray an unfortunate truth that there are people who only want to listen to what they want to hear…not the truth.

Note #3

Behind every successful man, there is a woman….same goes for Gandhi (^.^)

Admirable Traits

Below are some of the characters which I’ve identified in Gandhi which I think makes him such an influential leader.


  • Wisdom of speech
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Man of principles and values
  • Firm but not violent
  • Humility
  • Love for all people
  • Willingness to suffer
  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to serve than to be served

I believe that with the above traits, comes power. It is ironic that those who started off with power might not possess these traits. Thus, fear would be the thing that keeps people in order, not respect of the leader.

All in all, Gandhi demonstrated servant-leadership… a type of leadership which most leaders would not choose to take…but in my opinion is how a leader should be…and it was first demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lastly, I would like to end with a quote from the film:

“An eye for an eye make the whole world blind”

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