About Me

Adeline Tay, that’s my name. If you’ve read the post on “The Beginning”, this is my first time blogging, hence expect it to be amateurish. Honestly, I’m not very sure on what to include here so I’m just gonna add some interesting facts about myself to spice things up a little (and as well as a reference for me in the future to see what kind of ‘things’ i’m interested in).

Interesting Facts:

  • I love Pokemon! I’ve played most of the versions! I’ve watched it all (until it started going downhill)…but I still love Pikachu!
  • I play Left4Dead…why? As a way to ‘bond’ with my boyfriend.
  • I play Call of Duty…why? As a way to bond with my classmates, who are mostly guys.
  • I have recently acquired two babies! Coco & Yuki!! My new hamsters!!
  • I get easily distracted with anything that is shiny, cute or delicious to eat.
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